Action Plan

The Action Plan

BRAF aims to become the center-of-excellence for the efforts of soling the social inequality and establishment for just society. In order to become a key establishment for achieving the dream of an equal world. BRAF will provide technical assistance and pragmatic advice to the Govt. Of india (Gol) and formulating policies, Setting standards &guideline, and fostering support for socially disadvantaged groups.

It will strive to emerge as a well-equipped center of learning for intellectuals, academicians and students, and undertake studies & research with the intention to understand, assess, and disseminate the socio-economic policies advocated by Dr. Ambedkar. Active participation and close coordination between individuals and specialized agencies will be ensured through awards and fellowship programmes for the removal of social disparities and empowerment of under-privileged groups.

One of the main activities of BRAF is to dissemination the ideology of Dr. Ambedkar, at local, national, international and grassroots-level agencies, and effective implement of communication media like seminars workshops,synopsis,creative studies and publications. BRAF will aim at speeding the social message of initiatives undertaken by Dr. Ambedkar.

Another main activity of the institution shall be assist the Government machinery for the upliftment of disadvantaged groups.It will provide technical assistance and expert opinions for evaluating programmes,policies and activities for Central and State Government. It would also impart training to SC/ST and the youth in specialized managerial, thematic and professional communication skills.

BRAF would strive to forge symbiotic association with nation and international funding agencies to launch studies, training,research projects and evaluation studies especially of the programmes aimed at socio-economic upliftment of SC/ST and other deprived segments of society.

''Cultivation of mind should be the ultimate aim of human existence.''

Dr. B. R. Ambedkar