The Mandate

The mandates of BRAF cover various aspects for understanding and analysing problems of SC and ST, and suggesting multi-disciplinary long-term strategies and plans for their development.

As a central forum for discussing inter-related dynamics of caste system & socio-economic inequality, disability & discrimination, and formulating policy recommendations. BRAF will facilitate cooperation between the Government,academicians,development expert,social activists and stake-holders.

Other programmes of the institution include understanding,assessing and disseminating the ideas and tenets of Dr Ambedkar.These will be in reference to subjects like Social Equality.Economics,Political Science, Sociology, Philosophy, law. Human Rights and related disciplines considered to attain social justice.

By facilitation cooperation between social establishments of national and international stature. BRAF will secure its secure its mandate of creating harmony and goodwill among different castes and communities, ensuring social justice and equality.

''Equality may be a fiction but nonetheless one must accept it as a governing principle.''

Dr. B. R. Ambedkar